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Mitchell Jacobson

Mr. Jacobson was appointed our President and Chief Executive Officer in October 1995 and held both positions until November 2003. He continued as our Chief Executive Officer until November 2005. Mr. Jacobson was appointed our Chairman of the Board in January 1998 and became Non-executive Chairman of the Board effective January 1, 2013. Previously, Mr. Jacobson was President and Chief Executive Officer of Sid Tool Co., Inc., our predecessor company and current wholly-owned and principal operating subsidiary from June 1982 to November 2005.

Mr. Jacobson has been instrumental to our past and ongoing growth, which reflects the values, strategy and vision that Mr. Jacobson contributes. His leadership as Chairman, experience in industrial distribution and strategic input are critically important to our Board. In addition, as one of our principal shareholders, Mr. Jacobson provides critical insight and perspective relating to the company’s shareholders.

Mr. Jacobson is the uncle of Erik Gershwind, our President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of the company, and the brother of Marjorie Gershwind Fiverson, Mr. Gershwind’s mother. There are no other family relationships among any of our directors or executive officers.

Mr. Jacobson was appointed a director of Ambrosia Holdings, L.P. in August 2017. Mr. Jacobson previously served as a director of HD Supply Holdings, Inc. from October 2007 to December 2013.